My arms are falling off, the skull and bones are abnormal again

My arms are falling off, the skull and bones are abnormal again

It was annoying, then surprising, then amusing, and now it’s commonplace: Skull bones It’s just been postponed again.

Pirate game developed by Ubisoft Singapore It was supposed to be released on different dates several times, and is now scheduled for release in early 2024; The fiscal year mentioned by Yves Guillemot ends on Next March 31This leaves developers with five months to complete their project.

The big question is what will Skull bones ? In July 2020, the game was rebooted internally in order to achieve a new direction, much to the team’s dismay. Clearly that wasn’t enough, because in September 2022, A.J New transformation takes place. Back in January of this year, without Ubisoft being able to justify the why and how.

If it is possible to put forward the beginning of the answer, it must be said that the beta testing of the game was, to say the least, disappointing. In fact, it is impossible for our pirates to land on an island Looting Treasures. The game is planned for 2023 – or rather 2024 – It’s clearly been in development for several years, which is very sad. However, we can hope that Ubisoft Singapore has used this extra time to make it happen More advantages to Skull boneswhich makes it a little more exciting than A Sail calmly in Sea Simulator.

In the meantime, we’re not shy about having fun rewatching the game’s trailer, while we eagerly await the release trailer!

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