The delicious Fall Guys with Kirby Sauce finds its release date!

A month after its announcement, Kirby’s Dream Buffet is coming to whet our appetites on the Nintendo Switch with an imminent release.

Kirby always seems to be thirsty for adventure, but this time around, the little pink ball is thirsting for pretzels and strawberries! After his last departure in Forgotten worldKirby deserves a little rest and a good dessert. Last month, Nintendo announced a strange hybrid title between fall guys And the Mario party, all in the most beautiful atmosphere possible. The game was supposed to be released early this summer, and Nintendo has done its word.

Kyoto has just confirmed the game’s release date, and it’s imminent, if not nearly immediate! In fact, Dream Kirby Buffet It will be available on the Nintendo eShop on August 17th. By tomorrow, then, it will be possible to leave to face his friends or other foes to become the closest Kirby ever. With such great beginnings, we have only one desire and that is to savor it ASAP. To keep us waiting, Nintendo just shared a short clip summarizing what gamers are waiting for next week.

hard stomach

Ready to eat a delicious cake, the magic fork suddenly shrank the already young hero. What a delight Kirby can then enjoy a whole world of oversized pastries. The little pink ball is known for her ability to relentlessly swallow her enemies, and she intends to put this talent into practice to feast on a plethora of strawberries.

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parts Dream Kirby Buffet It offers three different game modes to highlight the competitiveness of the players. The Kirbys mini-team then compete in the first round of the race, before they play a mini-game that ends in a battle royale where the goal is to knock their opponents off the field. Kirby is not a game without special powers borrowed from Kirby’s Meal and this title is no exception to the rule. Each round of play offers its own game-changing transformations.

Like other multiplayer games of this genre, customization will be at the core of the title’s rewards. Colors, outfits and other platforms will be customizable to become the most stylish Kirby and show off to other players. Whether in co-op, local multiplayer or online, in other words, a good dose of fun awaits. This Kirby mini-game is available for pre-order on the Nintendo eShop at €14.99..

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