Casting videos in HD is now officially available on iOS and Android

Casting videos in HD is now officially available on iOS and Android

Meta has just announced that it is finalizing the rollout of its new feature for sending HD videos to all users.

Now it’s official: you can share HD videos with your loved ones in WhatsApp. The instant messaging app has just announced this in a post it posted on its Twitter account.

A few weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg, the head of Meta, revealed on his Facebook account the arrival of the option to send photos in high resolution in the instant messaging app. He also hinted that the option would quickly hit videos, but without extending the potential release date.

This has already been posted to some users. We have also been able to see it on our iOS and Android smartphones. The functionality is now fully deployed and should therefore be available to all users, provided of course that they have downloaded the latest app update.

HD videos, but no more

If images are sent in their original definition when the option is enabled, this is not the case for videos. The new WhatsApp option lets you send them in HD, but only at 720p. Whatever video definition you choose to share in HD in WhatsApp, the app will limit its quality to 1280 x 720 pixels.


A very logical choice on Meta’s part since the weight of videos captured with modern smartphones, sometimes in 4K resolution, can be significant. Sharing videos in their original definition in WhatsApp will quickly saturate devices storage space and cause users to have to clean up app storage more often. As a reminder, WhatsApp compresses videos to a standard resolution of 476 x 848 pixels.

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In an effort to attract more and more users, WhatsApp has doubled down on introducing new features in its messages in recent months. Most of the time, the application tries to meet the outdated requirements of its users. Thus, a few months ago, WhatsApp launched a long-awaited new option to be able to use a WhatsApp account simultaneously on two different devices. A few weeks ago, the instant messaging application, in its beta version, introduced the ability to link multiple WhatsApp accounts in the same application.

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