Meta AI: Expert answers 4 questions to ask yourself

Meta AI: Expert answers 4 questions to ask yourself

Meta's AI is now online. Should we be wary of it or is it a tool that can make our lives easier?

Expert and host of the digital news podcast Mon Carnet, Bruno Guglielminiti, provided his analysis of Meta AI in an interview with LCN.

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Here are his answers to four questions you might ask yourself about this topic:

What can Meta AI do?

Meta's AI can answer questions, suggest posts, correct spelling, and solve math problems.

“It can do a lot of things, just like Chat GPT does today,” says the expert.

Should we be afraid to protect our personal information?

Bruno Guglielminetti emphasizes that we must be careful about the sensitive information we can share with Meta AI, although the company stresses that it respects the privacy of Internet users.

“With all the experience we have gained and known with the different platforms of the Meta group, we can feel a little uneasy about this,” says the expert.

“Put there what you would put on a postcard, knowing that there are other pairs of eyes that might see that information,” he adds.

This advice is also valid for Chat GPT, says Mr. Guglielminetti.

“Unless you pay for the package and confirm in the terms of use that the information is kept in a secure vault and only you have access to that information,” you “may not share or use sensitive or private information about you in Orders you place,” he explains.

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Is Meta AI equipped to answer medical questions?

“He will wear white gloves when it comes to sensitive issues like health and, in general, will give us the kind of information we can find if we go to Wikipedia,” says the expert.

Is it safe for children?

Meta AI does not verify age; Therefore the door is open for minors to use it.

Therefore, Bruno Guglielminetti's advice to parents is to have a discussion about this topic with their children.

“We have to keep an eye on that. We also have to explain to them what it is, what it is for, and how they can use it.

To watch the full interview, watch the video above.

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