The Women's Heritage Center is moving its second service point

The Women's Heritage Center is moving its second service point

Saint Pauline. The L'Héritage Women's Center announces the relocation of its second service point in the municipality of Saint-Paulin, providing better access to its services for women in the northern municipalities of the MRC in Masquinong.

Starting Thursday, May 2, 2024, the Women's Heritage Center's second service point will open its doors at St. Paul's Church. This move represents a new phase in the project given that it will allow the organization to maintain this second location over time in order to further develop and support women in the northern municipalities of the MRC.

Remember, over the past 40 years, the Women's Heritage Center has worked with 17,935 women from the 17 municipalities of the Maskinong MRC. With the organization's help, women receive immediate assistance and have access to various activities that allow them to:

· Breaking their isolation and developing a support network for them.

· Regain self-confidence.

· Improving their physical and mental health.

· Developing their knowledge and skills.

· Knowing their rights and interests.

· Feeling useful and appreciated through participation within the organization and in the community.

Thus, the mission of the Women's Heritage Center is to bring together women of all ages and from all backgrounds in a living environment to improve their living conditions.

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