Kiwi for Gmail takes color in version 4.0

Kiwi for Gmail takes color in version 4.0

following Kiwi for Gmail It just updated and entered its fourth version, which brings a lot of new features. This native app for macOS lets you use the suite of Gmail and Google Workspace comfortably on your Mac, in an app designed and optimized for Apple.

developers Explain After reviewing the various items under the hood allowing ” Save resources needed to use Chrome “. the rear end Completely rebuilt, making the app half the weight faster.

The interface has been modified with color themes as well as dark mode. This color code system will make it easier to distinguish between your professional account and your personal account, while giving a less spartan look. Obviously, the dark mode can be activated at any time if your eyes get tired during the day.

Future tab system.

This release also ushers in a whole new tab system. You can thus organize your workspace by document type (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides), by account (Personal, Professional, School) or for your different projects. You can also include your calendars to save time. This new version is only scheduled for release this fall, and will come with support for Google Meet.

This new version will be available by the end of the month. Customers with an older version of the Mac App Store will not be able to take advantage of it: they will have to delete their copy and re-download the software from the developer’s site. Kiwi for Gmail charges $30 per year, or more if you want premium combinations with some advantages. If you’re interested in the program, don’t wait too long: the team warns that prices will go up from October.

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