Together to be together

Together to be together

On October 24, the Regional Center for Youth Information (CRIJ Réunion) organized an Info Jeunes La Réunion morning in the village by CA Réunion, with a group of representatives, partners and professionals who support young people in the region on the topics of daily life: employment, mobility, training, health, housing. , etc.

The National Network of Info Jeunes France, the Department of La Réunion and the Réunion Region were present at the morning of Info Jeunes La Réunion to support the building of a regional strategy for youth information in Réunion. The ambition of this event was to bring together partners, youth-related actors and elected officials around the mission of youth information.

CRIJ Réunion, in addition to its reception and information mission, has a function as a resource center and ensures the development and activation of the youth information network of Réunion. In Réunion, the Youth Information Network, composed of CRIJ Réunion, youth information structures and partners, aims to support young people in their journey towards independence and access to rights. This network consists of structures called Youth Information, of which there are 4 in the region: Jeunes Saint-Benoît Information, Jeunes Saint-André Information, Jeunes La Possession Information, Jeunes Saint-Joseph Information.

Nearly 50 partners

Nearly 50 partners were able to participate in the workshops presented by the CRIJ Réunion team on:

• Youth mobilization: How can youth be mobilized effectively?

• Deploying the Info Jeunes brand: How to fit the Info Jeunes brand?

• Bringing together partnerships: How can we better coordinate our partnerships?

• Identifying youth needs: How are youth needs identified and met?

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Information literacy

Youth information work is part of the information education approach. It covers all the topics that interest young people in their daily lives: building their career, working, taking care of themselves, having fun, traveling abroad, finding housing, moving around, getting involved, starting a business, creating an activity, accessing your rights and seizing opportunities in your environment, and learning. How to be informed.

Info Jeunes France, the national network reaffirms its support for the CRIJ Réunion to disseminate an effective information policy for young people throughout the region close to where young people live. The Youth Information Network Coordinator, Saméry Techer, works in partnership with State Services (DRAJES Réunion) to promote and strengthen the IJ network in the Réunion territory.

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