The number of updated native apps is rising dramatically

The number of updated native apps is rising dramatically

Notes, Photos, Mail, and Form could get a major update as part of the iOS 18 launch. This is what the journalist said Bloomberg Mark Gorman, often among the best informed people on the subject. Apple's new operating system is supposed to see the light of day at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the opening keynote of which is scheduled to take place on June 10 at 7pm (Paris time). It is the same evening that the beta should be made available to developers. For the public beta, we will probably have to wait until July, compared to September for the final release. The ideal here is to wait until the last, to avoid possible errors.

We cannot verify this information with certainty, however Mark Gorman has been right more often than not in the past. The analyst also believes that iOS 18 should still give pride of place to artificial intelligence. To achieve this, Apple is rumored to have entered into talks with OpenAI and Google, perhaps to integrate their language models into the algorithm that powers Siri. The voice assistant has been available on iPhones since 2011, and allows users to verbally check today's weather, sports calculations, and even currency conversions.

What's new in Notes and Photos?

One would think so Notes With iOS 18, it is possible to integrate calculations (via the calculator) and voice memos, recorded directly from the platform and without going through the Dictaphone application. The Apple Notes app is installed natively on all iPhones, all iPads, and all Macs currently available in stores.

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Regarding the pictures, recent rumors shared on Twitter suggest a case of visual search being encrypted. This is not without replicating the end-to-end encryption that Apple offers for much of the data stored on iCloud, including, specifically, photos taken with the iPhone's camera.

We have not yet reported on potential new features specifically for Mail or Forme, currently. However, be aware that announcements made by the Worldwide Developers Conference may not be complete. In fact, it is not uncommon to see the regulator unveil additional new features on the official demo page for the new version of iOS, every year, on its official website. If so, we'll of course keep you posted.

Other applications in the loop

Mail, Form, Notes, Siri, and Photos aren't the only apps expected to be updated at WDC. In fact, we assume that calculator It will also benefit from some new features, especially for macOS 15. Among these features, we can especially mention the case for easier transitions or window resizing.

Free form It should also be in the news this year, whether on iPad or iPhone. Therefore, Apple could offer a function that allows you to pin specific parts of your canvas to find them easily, especially if it is very wide. The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset can benefit greatly from this, given the infinite surface of its screen. As a reminder, the holder should also be entitled to obtain a new version of their operating system, during WWDC. It will definitely be VisionOS 2, with possible support for the third-generation Apple Pencil expected during the keynote on May 7, where the iPad Pro M3 and 12.9-inch iPad Air will also see the light.

  • Notes, Mail, Forms, and Photos will benefit from the update with iOS 18
  • Notes can incorporate mathematical calculations via calculator as well as voice memos
  • Visual search using end-to-end encryption is expected in images

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