5 asteroids will pass near Earth by the end of 2023

5 asteroids will pass near Earth by the end of 2023

Although it is unlikely that the Earth will be destroyed by a celestial body for a long time, several large asteroids will pass near our planet in the coming months.

melonline I decided to present some of these asteroids that astronomy enthusiasts can spot if they have access to a telescope.

Here are 5 asteroids that will pass near Earth at the end of the year:

139622 (2001 QQ142)

An Apollo class asteroid

Its diameter ranges from 347 meters to 1,552 kilometers. Its size is similar to the Golden Gate.

Its speed reaches 23,900 km/h.

On December 6, 2023, it will be 5.5 million kilometers from Earth.

341843 (2008 EV5)

An asteroid from the Aten group

It has a diameter of 400 meters and is similar in size to the US Capitol building.

Its speed reaches 19,200 km/h.

It will pass at a distance of 6.3 million kilometers from Earth on December 20, 2023.

2019 CZ2

An Apollo class asteroid

A very small asteroid, about the size of a school bus. Its diameter ranges from 21 to 94 metres.

Its speed reaches 20,900 km/h.

This asteroid will approach a distance of 1.1 million kilometers on November 25, 2023.

2020 p

An Apollo class asteroid

This asteroid is also small in size, ranging from 31 to 70 meters in diameter. Its size is similar to that of Big Ben in London.

It travels at a speed of 59,800 km/h.

On December 23, 2023, it will be 1.3 million kilometers from our planet.

2013 VX4

An Apollo class asteroid

The size of this asteroid is the size of the Statue of Liberty in New York, and its diameter ranges between 44 and 99 metres.

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This asteroid is moving at a speed of 23,600 km/hour.

Its closest pass to Earth will occur on December 4, 2023, when it will be 1.9 million kilometers from our planet.

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