A million North Koreans could drink water contaminated with nuclear weapons

A million North Koreans could drink water contaminated with nuclear weapons

A new study revealed that water leakage from a nuclear test site spreads dangerous radioactive materials in many North Korean homes.

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according to a report Published by the Transitional Justice Working Group on Tuesday, eight cities will be affected.

Business Insider reports that the Punggye-ri body of water could have devastating effects on the population of Hamgyong region, which is home to more than a million people.

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Also, agricultural products from North Korea, distributed in South Korea, China and Japan, could endanger several million people if contaminated by the nuclear reactor.

Moreover, according to the BBC, the Punggye-ri nuclear site was shut down in 2018 and then partially destroyed, a pledge from Kim Jong-un to the US President at the time, Donald Trump.

However, according to the analysts behind the new study, the nuclear site could be reopened in order to continue nuclear testing.

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