Here's the minimum time to ventilate your home to stay healthy and avoid wasting heat in the winter

Here's the minimum time to ventilate your home to stay healthy and avoid wasting heat in the winter

GVTech News Here's the minimum time to ventilate your home to stay healthy and avoid wasting heat in the winter

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Ventilation of confined spaces is crucial, regardless of the season. While the cold doesn't call for it, here are the minimum recommended ventilation times to maintain a healthy environment.

Why do you need ventilation even in winter?

In the heart of winter, when the outside temperatures call us to hunker down and turn up the heat, An often underrated practice remains essential: ventilating the rooms of the house. This task, often performed in the summer, may seem counterintuitive during the cold season, but it is still essential to maintaining a healthy environment.

Ventilating your home in the winter is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, This allows the air to be renewed and the carbon dioxide concentration reduced, thus ensuring better quality of breathing air. Then it helps Regulating the relative humidity of indoor air, which should ideally range between 40 and 50%. Outside this range, the risks to health and comfort increase: dryness of the mucous membranes below 40% and the appearance of mold or condensation problems above 50%.

In addition, ventilation plays a role A major role in eliminating unwanted particles and microorganisms, Such as dust, mites, viruses and bacteria. It also helps dissipate unpleasant odors, especially after cooking or in the presence of any smokers, while allowing sunlight to naturally disinfect the spaces, provided that the rays reach the interior directly, of course.

Optimal ventilation strategies in winter

Knowing that ventilation is essential, how do you get through the winter without turning your home into an igloo? There are more suitable times for ventilation without losing heat accumulated due to heating.

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The first suggested time is in the morning, upon waking up.when the house shows its lowest temperature, as it is without heat or with low heating during the night. The second is at noon, when the sun is at its peak. Thus providing a few extra degrees in a natural way.

It's tempting to Leave the window open to reduce heat loss, but this method is ineffective To properly renew the air, paradoxically, it can lead to a continuous loss of heat. Upside down, Short, intense ventilation for 10 to 15 minutes, By creating cross air currents (opening several windows and doors), preferably. After this operation, it is advisable to quickly close it and reactivate the heating in the room in question.

To speed up air renewal, the use of fans can be considered, thus reducing the time required to open windows, despite the slight additional electricity consumption.

Some rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom, require special care. In the kitchen, removing odors and fumes is crucial, a task made easier by an efficient hood. In the bathroom, it is recommended to ventilate after taking a hot bath to avoid moisture buildup that helps mold develop. To do this, why not keep the door closed to limit the spread of heat to the rest of the house. By following these tips, you should make your environment healthier, even in the midst of an ice age.

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