International justice is tightening around Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos: All the incriminating documents Address This Thursday, March 2nd SabaduAnd In one of them, the businesswoman is shown smiling, despite the many measures that target her and which are published by the Portuguese weekly “20 exclusive pages”. refugee in DubaiAnd Eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, President of Angola for thirty-eight years and died in July 2022, He was prosecuted for corruption and misappropriation of public funds after the Luanda leaks were exposed, in January 2020.

For several months, journalist Antonio José Vilela, deputy director of the weekly, conducted the investigation, consulting reports of various civil and criminal proceedings against Isabel dos Santos in Angola, Portugal and the Netherlands. And he concludes “The noose is tightening” around:

“The dozens of documents Sábado has seen, several thousand pages long, reveal gray areas, dangerous relationships, schemes, arrests, missing millions, and even how she managed to get loans from Portuguese banks to buy out the Efacec group.”

His followers testify

In particular, we learn more about the entourage of the woman who is regularly presented as the richest woman in Africa and who today is accused of embezzling huge sums of money from the Angolan treasury. He considered one of his trusted men, manager Mario Lete da Silva, to be “chief engineer” From her network (which would include hundreds of offshore companies), she was asked to be received informally at the Central Department of Criminal Investigation and Procedure (DCIAP) in Portugal.

The secret meeting lasted more than three hours, according to reports Sabadu. Mario Let da Silva reportedly handed two large suitcases full of documents and answered all the questions of the Portuguese Public Prosecutor’s investigators. One of his relatives, Jorge Brito Pereira, who worked for a long time as a lawyer and director of several companies controlled by Isabel dos Santos, before his resignation during the revelations of the Luanda leaks, also testified in the course of civil proceedings.

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