PORTIMAO (M25) – Roman Marius Copil is still hanging on #portimao #lokoli #mayot #copil #Forejtek

PORTIMAO (M25) – Roman Marius Copil is still hanging on #portimao #lokoli #mayot #copil #Forejtek

The familiar face of the circle, Marius Kopel She faced some setbacks that led her to the 260th place in the world. But the 31-year-old Roman was still on fire. Coming from Marbella, where he won a double point in the Davis Cup in Spain, he won tense matches in Portimao for $25,000. This Saturday, he saw a respite since his Dutch opponent jiggs brewer He surrendered at 1-4. Score valuable ATP points. In the final, the winner of the match will face the Czechs Jonas Forgetek in russian Alexei Vatutin.

Laurent Lokoli is on the right track

This event in Portugal confirmed the good momentum for Laurent Lokoli. On February 27, after his title in Valle di Lobo, the Frenchman tweeted: “Second title and back to the best 350The Corsican was right in his calculations. It is already ranked 347 in the world. And the recovery isn’t over as we have to anticipate his semi-final points last week in Faro…loyal to Portugal, the Hab joined the quarter-finals and, as per No. 8, they had a smooth entry against the Argentine. Franco Emmanuel AgiaFrom qualifying that left him only one match (6-1, 6-0). He faced in the round of 16 Pedro Araujo (bathroom). The Corsican took revenge on the Portuguese who defeated him last October in Lule, this time winning 6-3, 6-1. On Friday, deal with the damned Jonas Forgetek (No. 2) in the quarter-finals. The 21-year-old Czech, known for winning the US Open Junior Championships in 2020 and beating Marin Cilic in Sofia, imposed strength in two sets (6-3, 6-4). Laurent Locoli will now settle down for a bit before resuming, usually, at the Lille Challenger. It’s very close to merging qualifications.

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In the absence of results since taking home the $25,000 title in Monastir, the end of January, Harold Mayotte He hopes to return to the Algarve. But Lorrain, 450 ATP, had to give up Fabio Coelho (bathroom). The Portuguese were at the front when he was under protection Thierry Tolassen Throw in the towel (3-6, 6-3, 3-0 AB).

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