Does sugar also come from science? round table in paris

In a world where fake news, acronyms, and controversies move public debate, how do journalists and science promoters work to be reliable sources of information? ? How do we explain an environmental emergency based on science ? Our speakers will give you the keys to learning about scientific information.

This roundtable will be an opportunity to focus on addressing science in the media at a time of environmental and climate emergency. In addition to confronting rough information, bogus trained experts, and misinformation in the various media, journalists must be tougher. But how do we do that while adapting to the expectations of the editorial staff and the public? ?

To try to answer this question, Chaymaa Deb, Editor-in-Chief of Natura Sciences, will receive François Jimin (political scientist and author of Part Two of the report IPCC), Emily Petti (science and environmental journalist at 20 Minutes), Clemence Forreau (in charge of higher education at Transformation Project) and Anatole Schauer (science celebrity).


Monday 19 September from 7 pm to 8:30 pm at La Recyclerie – 83 bd Ornano, 75018 Paris

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