“This Bed We Made”: Quebec studio Lowbirth Games presents the first game inspired by the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie

“This Bed We Made”: Quebec studio Lowbirth Games presents the first game inspired by the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie

Four years after its founding, Montreal-based Lowbirth Games has finally arrived This bed we made, First suggestion for a video game. The result: a love letter to the works of Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie, but with roots firmly in the La Belle District.

Montreal, 1958. Very strange things happen at the Clarington Hotel. Some even go so far as to claim that the Montreal institution is haunted. What is it really? The mystery swirls, extending from floor to floor.

It’s in the beauty of Sophie Roy’s skin – a woman’s private room – that the younger woman is in love with, related to the laissez-faire indices and those of her clients, all of whom are proud of her companions on the surface. Locations.

Shadow workers

The idea behind This is the bed we made It has been sprouting for a long time in the minds of Chloé Lussier and the founders of Lowbirth Games, her sister Raphaëlle Lussier and their cousin Olivier Lussier. Having worked in a hotel herself during her studies, she sought to exploit the reality of these shadow workers, who constitute fertile ground for an investigation of this kind.

“When you stay in a hotel, you tend to forget about the maids. So people often leave behind intimate things, which can reveal things that even those close to them don’t know about. So it’s interesting to be in Sophie’s shoes, because she’s conducting her own investigations by getting Privileged access to her privacy, but without the authority or obligations of the police. Newspaper.

Choice and consequences

Indeed, because the player can investigate as he sees fit… sometimes by looking away. It is in fact possible to manipulate, conceal, or even transfer certain evidence to direct the authorities’ suspicions toward one suspect or another. Each of these choices will have an impact on the adventure and its outcome, and “dozens” of conclusions have been drawn up for it. This is the bed we made.

Even the way the player carries out Sophie’s daily tasks will have major repercussions on the heroine’s fate and credibility.

“The main goal was to make the experience more immersive by having the player perform different actions, whether it was making the bed or even mopping the floor in the hotel lobby. But in the end, we told ourselves that it would also affect Sophie’s reputation and her relationship with her colleagues, whether subtle or not.” Not in carrying out its tasks. “Everything is taken into consideration,” confirms Chloe Lucier.

Quebec accent

For its first-ever international calling card, Lowbirth Games studio also set its sights here, in the heart of the city, offering players from here and elsewhere a showcase of our culture and daily lives. In order to push the concept further, he invited a group of Quebec actors to lend their voices to the characters, in both the French and English versions.

Therefore we can hear Robert Naylor, Patrick Emmanuel Abelard, Victoria Diamond and other Alex Bispings in their own languages, all of whom have retained their natural dialect.

“It was important for us, as a studio in Quebec, that players recognize us in our work. Location, accent and expressions are not things that have a huge impact on the plot, so it is still accessible to people playing elsewhere in the world. But it is our signature , our way of showing our pride. “We wanted to do that,” explains Chloe Lussier.

  • the game This is the bed we made It will be available on PS5 and PC starting 1any November. It will also be released on PS4 and Xbox Series

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