“Let Yourself Be Guided” in the footsteps of pirates with Stefan Bern and Laurent Deutsch

“Let Yourself Be Guided” in the footsteps of pirates with Stefan Bern and Laurent Deutsch

the television. This week, duo Stefan Berne and Laurent Deutsch packed their bags in Reunion to film a new episode of “Let Yourself Be Guided.” This time the documentary tells the story of piracy, with a touch of humor and a lot of education.

“Ah, Falcon…”Laurent Deutsch wonders as he looks out at the Indian Ocean. Along with the French host, actor and writer, Stephane Bern, the emblematic host of the small screen, also stands facing the sea, between the Parachoa cannons, pointing towards the blue expanse. “It was given this name because it pounces on its prey with the speed of a bird of prey.” Completes the second name. And so they left for a few minutes to discuss Reunion Island’s most famous pirate, Olivier Levasseur, and the capture of the Portuguese flagship, the Virgin of the Cape.

“We have come to tell you the story of piracy, pirates and pirates on Reunion Island,” Lorànt Deutsch announces in a dynamic tone, before joking about his reasons for coming to the island. “To see Laurent Robert,” Ha “Idol” When he played at Paris Saint-Germain from 1999 to 2001 and then at Newcastle. “More seriously, Stefan Bern laughs, “We came to film a show about pirates and pirates.” for this show “Let yourself be guided”broadcast on French television. “The principle is to bring back objects that have disappeared, in particular the Virgin of the Cape, the boat that was captured by the bus, Stefan Bern continues. “You should have come to Reunion Island to tell this story.”

“History is an instruction to enjoy the present.”

Concretely, the documentary tells little-known tales and stories related to the historical period presented, in the style of tour guides. Each program is enhanced by 3D reconstructions of some historic places that have now disappeared. Since its release, no fewer than 9 episodes have seen the light of day, and the 10th Three Musketeers-themed episode is scheduled to be released by December 12.

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“We try to have fun and learn things. Stefan Bern explains. We are trying to communicate with them. The principle itself is very interesting. “We’re taking out the galleons, the pirate ships that have disappeared thanks to 3D technology.” in other words : “We’ll tell the story” Summarizes. “With nobility and entertainment until it is something fun and enjoyable, Adds his partner. May we unite around the history that has been our history, since Reunion Island was born. Travellers, pirates and sailors came here with hopes, dreams and promises.”

If he claims he doesn’t know anyone “Personally in his life”, the host of the Secrets d’Histoire program is not indifferent to the history of French piracy. Just like his friend: Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Remembers Laurent Deutsch. I grew up with John Silver.” The two friends derive this passion from one thing: curiosity. “History is an instruction to enjoy the present.” Laurent Deutsch thinks. “I always asked where he came from, why something like this happened.” Stefan Bern continues.

To learn more about the history of Buzzard, already known to the general public, and all the secrets that arise from it, you will have to wait a few months, about six months, for the time of editing and 3D creation.


> Saint Expedite and Bourbon Island

Filming stopped last Thursday due to light rain, and broadcasters passionate about history and heritage shared their stories from Reunion Island. “Why do we honor here a saint that no one venerates in the rest of the world, Saint Expedite? Laurent Deutsch asks. When the island needed sculptures and decorations for churches, they were brought from mainland France and Europe. There was a shipwreck and there was a connecting box with a saint, dedicated to the church, but there was no name on it. One of the sisters saw a piece of cardboard with “Expédit” written on it. This is how one of the most revered saints on the island got his name. “There was a kind of abbreviation and synthesis that makes Reunion Island unique.” I smile.

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For Stefan Bern, the history of the island, formerly called Bourbon Island, then Reunion Island, is what makes it unique. “It’s interesting what happened in the 19th century, when all the communities came here, He said. There is a spirit of tolerance and coexistence that prevails on the island that does not exist anywhere else. “We’re not sorry we traveled 11 hours to meet you.”

> Heritage Lottery: “We have to keep scratching.”

Since the first edition in 2018, the Heritage Mission has assisted more than 850 sites with restoration work. Today, more than half (500) have already been rescued or are about to be rescued: 254 projects have been completed and 246 projects are being implemented. The former children’s prison, the Church of Saint-Thomas des Indiens, the Valy House and the former Pierrefonds sugar factory… In Reunion, 14 sites have already been selected for the Heritage Loto and each year, two Reunion sites are saved by Heritage Loto. “I am very happy to come every time to see the progress of the work of the Berne MissionStefan Berne smiles. That’s why you have to keep playing and striving.”

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