Dofus Touch 1.58: Summary of the new update

Dofus Touch 1.58: Summary of the new update

via Update 1.58 devblog In DOFUS Touch, several fixes and features have been announced as well as the long-awaited overhaul of the tactical mode.

Practical fixes and tactical mode for DOFUS Touch 1.58

DOFUS Touch Teams has always wanted to revamp the tactical mode. However, it is mandatory to see more clearly during combat, it is currently limited to a black and white display. In addition to that, it also relies on the “grid” in options which is a definite blow to the overall immersion.

For this new update, the entire tactical mode has been revised to adhere to the current model on DOFUS PC. The older brother of Touch has already proven itself with a clear, pleasant version, independent of any additional options.

The new DOFUS Touch tactical mode is thus introduced as standard for combat.

Its decorations have more than 20 themes that will change depending on the game regions.

Comparison of the old version (left) and the new version of the DOFUS Touch tactical mode.

Category balancing and fixes

Invisible to the uninvolved but crucial, there are several fixes and redesigns in the software for this 2.58 update.

So these changes affect 12 categories and provide clearer descriptions and new effects.

A list of all these changes arranged by “Nerf and Up” is available in our dedicated article.

Minor changes, which are not really the case

At first glance, the DOFUS Touch 2.58 update appears to be light without major changes or additions to the game. Although there are no new areas, the game experience has several improvements. More specifically, these additions affect features that affect all players on a daily basis. Like for example displaying the current dungeon’s achievements directly during combat. In addition to being more straightforward, it allows you to check the status of challenges in progress at any time.

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In addition, characters that become separated during combat will only see their first turn pass if you play with other players. This patch saves a huge amount of time for all players, especially in PvP mode.

Finally, other changes also affect aspects of the game that every player has encountered at least once. The tasks, professions and interface of DOFUS Touch will therefore be clearer and more adapted to the player’s comfort.

The end of pet favorite areas

Unnoticed in the devblog’s list of miscellaneous changes, pets won’t have favorite regions anymore. Without any particular context, this mechanism that allowed certain pets to multiply rewards without knowing the alternative would disappear.

This withdrawal only seems negative, potentially masking a more profound reflection on the family. On DOFUS PC, for example, pets have already undergone an overhaul that could also be intended for a little brother.

New elite package privileges

Elite bonus package owners (paid subscription at €9.99 per month) are given new cosmetic benefits. It will now be possible to change the color infinitely directly in the game.

The new Zaap Mobile feature is also included in the subscription. It seems to be very useful, it is more of an unlimited booster potion, with little to no special effect.

Feature updates are still being tested

This update does not have an official release date. It may be next after DOFUS Touch 1.58 update.

Find all the features affected by this huge ongoing project.

Doofus Touch Meta
Meta Dovus Touch 1
Meta Dovus Touch 2

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