Windows 11, Microsoft restricts Alt + Tab functionality

Windows 11, Microsoft restricts Alt + Tab functionality

Microsoft is planning a major change to Alt + Tab functionality in Windows 11. This will affect all apps that use tabs.

In Windows 11 there are a lot of programs that depend on tabs. We can cite as an example the explorer or the Edge browser. The software giant is working on a major tweak to the Alt + Tab functionality. In the future, it is possible to limit it to displaying the last 20 tabs.

That was the change notice In the latest operating system previews released through the Canary, Dev and Beta channels for Windows Inisder. It’s in Settings (System > Multitasking). Microsoft is no longer talking about offering the latest “oEdge tablets when aligned or Alt+Tab is pressed But applications in general.

Windows 11 Preview - Alt + Tab Changes
Windows 11 Preview – Alt + Tab Changes

It is possible that the company wants to simplify the offer by avoiding a lot of tabs that can cause confusion.

Windows 11 - Alt + Tab function setting
Windows 11 – Alt + Tab function setting

Option “ All tabs ” next to ” Most recent 5 tabs, most recent 3 tabs and no tabs showing The 20 tab limit has been removed and introduced.

It is also possible that Microsoft introduces this limit to reduce RAM requirements. Indeed, the fast Edge browser can be very resource-intensive, especially if the standby for inactive tabs function is not activated.

New Alt-Tab behavior available with Windows 11 22624.1537 (beta channel), 23424 (DEV channel), or 25330 (Canary channel).

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