The most mind-blowing elevators in the world

The most mind-blowing elevators in the world

Futuristic, graphic or ultra-modern… These funky elevators have become an unmissable attraction for visitors from all over the world. Whether they blend into the landscape or the urban landscape, the ski lifts provide a stunning, sweeping view of the city or the sea abyss.

Hundred Dragons Lift – Bei Long, China

The Hundred Dragons Elevator located in Bai Long in China is the tallest elevator in the world, at over 326 meters high. It is located in Zhangjiajie National Park, Hunan Province and is used as a film set for the movie symbol picture Directed by James Cameron, the world’s largest chairlift sits amid greenery and steep rocks.

Elevador Santa Justa – Lisbon, Portugal

Designed between 1898 and 1902 by the Portuguese engineer Raoul Mesnier de Ponsard, a pupil of the elevator Gustave Eiffel Santa Justa It connects the town of Lower Baixa, the upper town of Chiado and Bairro Alto. The neo-Gothic iron and steel Elevador Elevator rises 45 meters and offers an exclusive view of the historic Portuguese city. Covered in woodwork and brass fittings, the cabins climb out onto a belvedere with a breathtaking panoramic view.

Hammichwand Elevator – Bürgenstock, Switzerland

Considered the highest lift in Europe, the 153-meter-high vertical structure runs along the rocky face of Mount Hamichwand and offers stunning views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Lucerne in Lucerne. The hiking route is located in a mountain, and the hiking route established between 1900 and 1905 becomes the highest point in Lucerne.

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Elevador Lacerda Elevator – Salvador, Brazil

The urban elevator located in Salvador was designed between 1869 and 1873, and connects the lower financial city to the historic upper city at over 72 metres. Initially hydraulic, the lift will be electrically powered from 1906 and will be renovated from 1930 in an Art Deco style. Clinging to the side of a cliff, the tower houses a public elevator named after Antonio de Lacerda, director of the Commercial Association of Bahia and founder of an urban transportation company.

Tauchgondel Elevator – Baltic Sea, Northeast Germany

The 50-ton saucer-like elevator plunges to the ocean floor for an immortal underwater vacation. These watertight, bell-like lifts are considered observatories and have become essential tourist attractions for discovering the depths of the sea. In Victorian style, these turquoise capsules can hold up to 24 passengers.

Gateway Arch – Missouri, USA

Clad in stainless steel and built in the shape of an arc, the 192-meter-high elevator is the most unusual in the world and is located in Missouri, on the west bank of the Mississippi River. Designed as a half Ferris wheel by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen in 1947, the elevated walkway accommodates 12-passenger egg-shaped elevators and offers a privileged view of the city.

Skyview Ericsson Globe – Stockholm, Sweden

The public event space, which can accommodate more than 16,000 spectators, is the largest spherical building in the world. Two glass elevators go up the rails outside Ericsson Globe To enjoy an exclusive 360-degree view. Lifts weighing 7 tons are located above the structure 130 meters above sea level, and can carry up to 21 visitors to the top of the arena.

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