Why can’t a veiled player play in the Cher Cup football final on Sunday?

Why can’t a veiled player play in the Cher Cup football final on Sunday?

On Sunday 11 June, the Stade Grands-Beauregards in Bourges hosted, among other things, the final of the Cher Cup between the Portuguese from Bourges and Bourges Foot 18. If BF18 wins (2-0), the pre-match match was punctuated by a discussion between a Muslim player from The Lusitanian team and representatives of the Cher region on site. Indeed, the girl was not allowed to enter the field with her headscarf on and play the match covered with her hair. “We told her she either took it off or she couldn’t play,” explained Borg’s Portuguese captain, Emilie Govard. This surprised us because she was able to play the last league games dressed like this. It’s a turban more adapted to playing sports than a headscarf for that matter.” Therefore, the player who plays as a line player decided not to participate in the match.

Article 1 of the Union Laws

Cher Football Region vice president in charge of competitions Johan Michoux was present at the stadium. He fully undertakes the intervention on behalf of the statutes of the French Football Federation (FFF). The federation, which had sent out a few weeks earlier, sent a reminder to all local authorities. From Article 1 of the Federal Lawswe can read that “As a body entrusted with the mission of public service, the following are prohibited, on the occasion of competitions or events organized on or in connection with the territory of the Federation: any speech or publication of a political, ideological, religious or trade union nature and any wearing of a sign or dress ostensibly Political, philosophical, religious or trade union affiliation.

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Called to speak, the player in question, who is an underage girl, indicated that she did not wish to speak. The final match was played without any particular incident.

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