Football (Regional 1) – Benoit Sturbois: “We will not have to get a point, but points”

Football (Regional 1) – Benoit Sturbois: “We will not have to get a point, but points”

A week after his draw against Marc, the Portuguese from Amiens will want more than a point against Etancourt Neuville, To proceed in a very tight arrangement.

These two Picardy teams, which face each other on Sunday, will still be there Tie. last week, Porto Club He did not come close to being overthrown sign But the Samaritans equalized in the last quarter of an hour of play. Etancourtwho received Amiens SC Reservehe was unable to open the counters and the result was finally in I remained a virgin.

this week, Benoit Strbois and his staff They decided to let their players breathe, because Relaxing from this tournament which is not easy : We've tried to heal the wounds a little bit and change the way we work so we can relax a little bit on the mental side.. We realized it was Extremely energy consuming And so was the season. We went instead for a week to rejuvenate both athletically and mentally “To try to get all the strength this weekend.”“, explains the Amiens coach.

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Last Sunday, the Portuguese were a little out of Amiens ” Disappointed “ By the way, they played the first half. “The players realize that“They didn't respond the whole game.”. », the FC Porto technician does not hide. Hence, this weekend they will have to put in a better performance in the first half to finish the match with more than a point in their pocket: “The goal will be to get into the game well to erase what happened against Mark a little bit. We need to get back on track At home against a rival who will likely play like us to keep them at the end of the season. We will not have to take a point, but points !

Although the Samaritans are favorites in the standings, they will remain “vigilance and caution” Against a team ofEtancourt Who has the same goal as them. “We also shouldn't do anything confrontational Great team. They are a difficult team to maneuver around, which is what made them A very good ride in the Coupe de France He is not in a good position at the moment. but It is not far from places that will allow you to escape. » Success can allow them to do this Getting ahead of the teams close to them in the standings. Mark en calyces Which is currently eighthstill and only Three little points from Amiens.

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In terms of manpower, the Amiens team is still unreliable Ryan da Vegais still injured. Enzo Tachette And Vincent Fakieron their part, is uncertain.

Zone 1, Day 9 (Late), Group A:
Sunday, March 17, at 3 pm, at Michelet Stadium: Amiens Porto (2nd, 20 points) – Etancourt Neuville (10th, 13 points).)

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