Good posture does not protect against back pain

The lower back pain Compatible with Low back pain located in the lower part of the spine Without a fracture (trauma, compression of the spine), a tumor or inflammation is able to explain their presence.

According to health insurance, 84% of people have experienced or will suffer from this disorder – Also known as back pain or lumbago – over their lifetime. It usually affects sufferers’ daily activities because certain movements, such as sitting, standing, bending, and lifting objects, make the pain worse.

For many, a A good back posture helps prevent back strain While bad posture on the contrary puts the back at risk. Three researchers from Curtin University in Australia wanted Check this belief.

Good posture does not prevent back pain

The Australian team conducted several experiments to study The relationship between the position of the spine and back pain. She revealed in an article in The Conversation: “People without back pain, and those engaged in manual labor for more than five years, were more You are more likely to lift in a more bent and rotated position (Provided as “bad,” editor’s note). In comparison, manual workers with back pain tend to adopt more Squat with a straighter back (Introduced as good back posture, editor’s note)”.

“In other words, people with back pain tend to follow the ‘correct’ posture advice, but people who don’t lift in the ‘correct’ way don’t have more back pain.” , add authors Peter O’Sullivan, Leon Straker and Nick Saracini.

So for them, there There is no scientific evidence that just ‘good posture’ can prevent or reduce back pain. However, movement is important for good spinal health. Learn to diversify and build differently comfortable positions It is likely to be more beneficial than strict adherence to a specific “good” posture.

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Back pain: risk factors according to researchers

a Back pain It can be very painful. However, in 9 cases out of 10, this is not the case Not associated with identifiable tissue damage or pathology. The Back pain It can be “like a sprain associated with strange, sudden, heavy, or unusual loads on our back. However, it can also be Come like a severe headache Where there is no harm.”

However, all three researchers have identified several elements that make some individuals more susceptible to developing kidney stress. Medisite lists it for you in pictures.

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