Authentic Portuguese pastry opens!

Authentic Portuguese pastry opens!

This is the main pastry in Portugal: pastel de nata! Typical of Portuguese cuisine, this creamy pastry melts the most refined palates with its melting texture and incomparable flavour. enthusiasm around Pastel Belém So much so that it crosses borders. And in the capital, the famous Portuguese pastry shop, Manteigaria, has just opened its doors in the 3rd arrondissement. Yes, this tape’s Bastille de Nata in Paris is my favourite foodporn Back to school!

The real Bastille de Nata in Paris!

Portuguese pastry Paris Pastel de Nata
© Mantegaria

Dreaming of a one-way ticket to Lisbon? In the capital, this new Portuguese pastry will make your senses travel! Already established in Porto and Lisbon, the famous pastry shop Manteigaria has just opened in Paris, in the 3rd arrondissement. Straight from Portugal, this traditional house promises to delight your taste buds. in the spotlight? famous Pastis de nata. And in Manteigaria, excellence lies in the appointment, with a true Pastel de Nata recipe. A small creamy pastry that will satisfy most gourmands, with its fluffy and crunchy pastry and creamy cream, skillfully seared on top.

Traditional and authentic Portuguese pastries

Mantegaria Paris
© Mantegaria

The secret of crispy Mantegaria pastry? Knead the dough for several minutes and put it in the form of a roll. A technique that allows for precise slicing and obtaining the unique texture of the Portuguese pancakes. It’s her little indulgence that makes all the difference: Sprinkle warm nata noodles with cinnamon before serving to customers.

Pastel by Nata Paris
© Mantegaria

Unparalleled expertise, unique flavours… Manteigaria is the new address to discover this fall. For breakfast, dessert, snack or simply for a gourmet holiday… at any time of the day, how can you resist such good desserts to Portugal ? ready to surrender to Best pastel de nata in Paris?

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mantegaria24, avenue Rambuteau, 75003 Paris – open Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 8 pm

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