It will soon be easier to manage your system apps

It will soon be easier to manage your system apps

In the latest Windows 11 23H2 build, Microsoft has integrated a new section in its settings for managing system apps. In the same way as the application, it will be possible to uninstall this program or refer to certain information about it. The feature is still under testing.

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In theory, uninstalling an app on Windows is very easy. We go to Settings, choose the program you want to get rid of, and then click Uninstall. However, the process can quickly become tedious when you have a certain number of applications on your computer. Especially since Windows doesn’t really make the task easy, with a large number of rather useful bloatware.

Microsoft is clearly aware of this since the new Settings section has just debuted in the latest build of Windows 11 for Insiders. Baptize System components (components of the system in Shakespearean language), and it seems to work in exactly the same way as its older sister Applications-View a list of all system applications located on the user’s computer.

Microsoft is testing better system app management in Windows 11

This new page does not replace the section Applications, Rather, it complements them – allowing you to do a little cleanup along the way. Specifically, it is nothing more and nothing less than a relevant section, where all the applications on Windows that are considered “system”, extensions and other icons installed on the PC will be placed.

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In other words, when you want to manage an app that you know is Windows-related, like a screenshot tool or a calculator, you’ll just have to go to that tab to find it. Although we don’t know yet when this new feature will find its way into a stable build, Microsoft seems determined to roll it out. Proof of this is the addition of additional details, such as mentioning system components in the Start menu as well as in the Microsoft Store, which will make it possible to differentiate them better.

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