Neck bump: From cold to cancer, doctors are misdiagnosing

A young woman in the UK has claimed she has been diagnosed with cancer a month after doctors attributed the cause of her swelling on her neck to a cold, according to daily Mail.

Last March, 28-year-old Paris Wells noticed that she had a swollen neck. Once she saw her, she called her doctor, but the only appointment she got was five days later, and over the phone.

To avoid a five-day wait, the next day Paris went to the emergency clinic of the Royal Princess University Hospital, Kent. Doctors say that mI A dead Wells told her her bump “doesn’t appear to be cancerous”. According to them, the bump was caused by a cold that the young woman had suffered a week earlier.

But, over the course of the weeks, the bump got bigger and harder. Then the young woman asked her aunt, a radiologist who works at the same hospital, if she could have a double MRI in April.

After testing, the results confirmed that the tumor she had was not related to a cold, but rather to stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare cancer that develops in the lymph system and spreads throughout the body.

“My mother came with me to my appointment. When the results came out, I was asked if I knew what Hodgkin lymphoma was. I answered them yes. Doctors told me I had it,” she said in an interview with daily Mail.

Three-quarters of people with this cancer live for at least ten years. The young woman will begin chemotherapy in the coming months.

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