White spots on the teeth: calcium, cavities and their treatment

White spots on the teeth: calcium, cavities and their treatment

The appearance of white spots on your teeth: is it a problem of enamel and mineralization? How do you treat them? Can we remove it? Dr. Suho Yi, a dental surgeon, answers your questions.

What are the possible causes for the appearance of white spots on the teeth?

It is important to return to the structure of the tooth to better consider the appearance of the white spots. The tooth is made up of different layers: the enamel, the outer layer, the sub-enamel dentin, and the pulp that contains the neurovascular bundle. Healthy, mineral-rich enamel is almost transparent. a mineralization problem It can then change its appearance and appear as white spots.”, says Dr. Suho Yi. The Purification is the main reason The appearance of spots on the teeth. “It is mainly due to a high sugar consumption, Associated or unrelated to poor oral hygiene or orthodontic treatment in adolescents. All of these factors enhance the metabolism of cancer-causing bacteria.” Dr. S. confirms. Yee. The root causes related to dental fabrication and external reasons related to daily life It is the cause of stains on the teeth.

► If the enamel is affected, it is fluorosis Which may be linked to increased fluoride consumption during pregnancy or during childhood.

► We can also note a Mineral deficiency Molars and incisors (MIH).

► or a shock on milky age Which affects the germ of permanent teeth.

some medicine (Antibioticfor example) can also cause spots to appear on incisors or developing teeth.

Is this a sign of calcium deficiency?

White spots on the teeth have nothing to do with a deficiency Calcium Even if the enamel is made up of hydroxyapatite, a mineral substance composed of calcium and phosphate. “Calcium deficiency can have an effect on tooth production if a person has a congenital disease that causes hypocalcemia, but that is not the point of the question here.”he is referring to.

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Is this a sign of cavities?

The appearance of white spots on the teeth is possible sign from the cavity. It really is possible Teeth cleaning. This scrubbing can turn into cavities if the spread of bacteria is not controlled by regular brushing. “In the context of MIH (hypomineralization of molars and incisors), a white spot would be more of a sign of tooth fragility that can make the enamel more susceptible to cavities development.” He insists.

What causes white spots on teeth during pregnancy?

Various behavioral changes observed during pregnancy can have an impact on oral hygiene. It is usually caused by dietary changes, For example, with increased consumption of sugar, which can lead to demineralization and therefore the appearance of white spots.

“Prevention is better than cure, Dr. Ye answers immediately. To avoid the appearance of this type of stain, careful and regular cleaning will be key. Toothpaste loaded with fluoride will strengthen the demineralized parts of the teeth. Return to the visual and initial appearance of the tooth cannot be guaranteed.” There are different techniques to reduce stains:

  • resin infiltration Icon®, which removes minerals from teeth and re-filters them with liquid resin;
  • I’Strawberry stain removal (more intrusive) and Enamel repair by applying resin compound.
  • I’Teeth whitening It can also be another solution in the absence of purification: “All teeth will be lightened to match the color of the stains and reduce their presence, thus homogenizing the overall shade of the teeth.”

Thanks to Dr. Suho Yi, Pron Dental Surgeon.

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