Hundreds of Mustang fans will be paraded on Interstate 40

Hundreds of Mustang fans will be paraded on Interstate 40

It happened. Nearly 2,000 Mustang owners will witness an extraordinary gathering on Sunday, May 5, in Trois-Rivières. They will attempt to break the record for the longest Mustang display in the world.

The Colisée Jean-Guy-Talbot in Trois-Rivières will become a meeting point for these many enthusiasts and their cars as well as a starting point for the journey that will lead them to Quebec in order to beat the last record set in Belgium in 2019. Then 1,326 cars traveled on the roads of Lommel. .

Drivers will come from the four corners of Quebec. The organizers chose Trois-Rivières for several reasons.

“Trouis-Rivières is open to motorsport and is a beautiful central city in Quebec,” explains Sylvie Provencher, one of the event organizers. This is for the logistics of departure. It's a show, but you have to put them somewhere! »

The announcement of the rally and challenge to break the record resonated with fans of the legendary car.

“We have more than 2,000 registrations. There may be people who will not be able to attend anymore, but we are still far from the number of cars that we can break the record.”

The parade will take over Interstate 40 and begin around 6:30 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, May 5.

“We don't want to be a nuisance on the roads, that's why we're doing it early. It's better that we don't have a lot of traffic, as I already have the impression that there will be a lot of curious people who will want to come and see it.” Trois-Rivières – Quebec “In normal times, we do it in an hour and a half, but when we're on the show, it takes much longer and can take us up to another hour.”

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Since the cars should ideally follow each other at a distance of 20 metres, a recommendation from Record World International, the body certifying the record, the speed of the convoy should be between 60 and 85 km/h. “In the simulation, if all the vehicles were there, there could be about 24 kilometers of Mustangs, one behind the other.”

Mustang is 60 years old

In addition to Ms. Provencher, the organizing committee for this event includes two other people, Martin Danjou and Alain Cayuela. The idea of ​​holding such a gathering and breaking the record began to appear in Sylvie's head in 2019.

“A record was set in Victoriaville. We thought we should thank Ford for keeping the Mustang as their only car because they only make trucks and SUVs now. With the pandemic, that has been postponed all the time but positively, it could be done the same year that We celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the legendary car.

Many clubs bring together car enthusiasts in all regions of Quebec.

He added: “There are many clubs, and I myself am the president of one of the clubs, but I want this day to be a meeting place for enthusiasts. I deal with the clubs because they are a network, but it is an event for enthusiasts.”

Sylvie's passion for the Mustang can be interpreted in different ways.

“Why did you buy the Mustang?” It's for sound. It is a car that has stood the test of time. It is the car that we see in many movies, and which is associated with many celebrities. Above all, it's a great vehicle. I didn't expect it to be so nice. I bought it because I found it beautiful. When we leave him at the beginning of the season I get goosebumps. You can't help but smile when you drive a Mustang. It is pure happiness. The brotherhood that exists between Mustang owners is actually something that surprised me. »

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Members of the Morrissey Mustang Club meet on Thursday evenings from May through October.

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