Ralph Rangnick imposes his law in the Manchester United dressing room, the first criticism falls on Vlahovic

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Days passed and Manchester United did not seem to be able to stop the crisis in the club. As we showed you yesterday, Harry Maguire and Cristiano Ronaldo are battling for the captain’s armband. “United divided» as a title daily mirror. Ralph Rangnick said at a press conference.Put order in the locker roomThe interim coach acknowledges the presence ofcommotionIn Manconian’s locker room and had to fight to unite some disgruntled superstars. “man’s problem“in order to daily expression. The German manager also insisted that Harry Maguire will remain captain until the end of the season. “happy like harry‘Can we read the first page of Daily Star. Naturally, Ralph Rangnick denied that there was any rift between centre-back and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. A win against Leeds tomorrow could put them out of the whirlpool of criticism for a while.

Dusan Vlahovic lacks the edge

In Italy, Juventus, and more specifically Dusan Vlahovic, is under heavy criticism from critics. The Serbian serial scorer did not find the fault in the Turin derby. Juventus and Torino parted in a draw. “Little Vlahovic“in order to Corriere dello Sport. The arrival of the striker this winter did not solve the old lady’s offensive problems. Other Italian media even found Granata more attractive than its competitors. “What a derby, what a bull!“, nickname Tuttosport. The Gazzetta dello sport He is the treasurer on his front page: “Instead of a bull from a lady“.

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American Atalanta dream

The paperback paper also advances on its front page that Atalanta is about to enlist under the American flag. “America’s goddessCan we read in the appendix. Sale is imminent: the closing is scheduled for the next week, and it is not excluded that it will take place on Monday. But the management of the company will remain firmly in the hands of the Berkassi family, the current shareholders making up the majority.

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