14 years after its conclusion, this unforgettable sci-fi series is returning to streaming

14 years after its conclusion, this unforgettable sci-fi series is returning to streaming

Note to sci-fi fans: This essential 2000s series will be available to stream soon, nearly 20 years after it first hit the small screen.

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After the success of the first original series Battlestar Galactica, screenwriter Ronald D. Moore relaunched the popular early 2000s sci-fi series with a new TV drama, broadcast on Sky One in the United States and on Sci-Fi in France. In this new fantasy drama, you can watch or re-watch From November 15th Next to or next to Paramount+, we follow Cylons, humanoid robots created by men who, after signing a truce, stealthily attack the twelve planets they occupy. Almost all of humanity has been annihilated and only a few survivors have gathered aboard ancient spaceships, including the Galactica. Together they set off to search for a new colony, the famous Earth.

Caprica : spin-off Battlestar Galactica It also arrives on Paramount+

Battlestar Galactica It won’t be the only sci-fi series premiering on Paramount+ on Wednesday, November 15. The streaming platform will also add the series to its catalog Caprica. spin-off l Battlestar Galactica It recounts events that occurred more than fifty years ago. Then peace prevailed over the twelve colonies. Humans and Cylons were not yet at war. On the planet Caprica, two families are in constant confrontation: the Graystones and the Adamas. Joseph Adama, a civil rights lawyer, is a staunch opponent of artificial intelligence experiments and the creation of Cylons. The clashes between the two families will be the origin of the battle between robots and men.

Battlestar Galactica : The sci-fi series returns with a feature film

More than ten years after it ended Battlestar GalacticaSimon Kinberg, the man behind the series InvadeHe announced through a press release that he will be responsible for producing and writing the film reboot. “Battlestar Galactica is one of the greatest science fiction books, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring something new to the series, while honoring what made it iconic and sustainable. I’m so grateful that Dylan Clark and my partners at Universal trusted me with this amazing universe“Rejoice. If the film project is on hold for more than a year, Simon Kinberg confirmed to the site Collider That the production was now looking for a director. “We are in the process of contacting directors and hope to find one and start preparing the film this year“, he revealed to the American site. At the present time, the release date of the feature film has not been announced.

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