Samsung: Protect your privacy with Galaxy security and privacy features

Samsung: Protect your privacy with Galaxy security and privacy features

Are you tired of your personal data being at everyone's mercy?

Samsung Galaxy gives you a range of security and privacy features to protect your data and put you in control of your device.

Here are some ways Galaxy helps you stay safe:

pin app : Lock a specific app so that only you can unlock it using your PIN or fingerprint. Prevent prying eyes when you show your phone to someone.

Maintenance pattern : Enable restricted mode when sending your device in for repair. This mode hides your personal data and only allows access to essential features, ensuring that your information remains confidential.

Secure folder : Create a protected space to store your most sensitive data, such as photos, videos, contacts, and apps. This folder is encrypted and can only be accessed by you, using your PIN, model or fingerprint.

Samsung Knox Provides additional layers of security to protect your device and data from malicious threats.

With Galaxy, you take control of your privacy.

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Settings :

Settings > Security and privacy > More security settings
Settings > Device maintenance > Maintenance pattern
Applications > Secure folder

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