NCIS LA’s Daniela Roa confirms a major career change after the show was cancelled

Although she’s been a hit since its inception in 2009, CBS revealed earlier this year that the NCIS series will be coming to a close after season 14. But this isn’t the last time fans will see star Daniela. Ruah, who plays Kensi Blye. on NCIS LA, where she made a sensational career announcement just weeks after the TV network announced the cancellation.

Actress Ruah, who has played Kensi Blye since the series first aired in 2009, has lifted fans’ spirits after revealing that she will be returning to screens as a presenter.

The star announced the news in front of her 1.1 million followers on Instagram, explaining that she will soon return to the small screen as a presenter for the Portuguese version of Traitors.

Via a joint post from Ruah and SIC TV Network, the couple shared details of the upcoming show.

The post also included a statement from Daniel Oliveira, CEO of the entertainment company.

Accompanied by a photo of a smiling Ruah with the word ‘Hi’ written in Portuguese: “We are very happy to have Daniela Ruah with us on this CIS programme.

Daniela has the talent, energy, professional experience and resources to adapt to the different narrative registers required by the form in its different phases.

“You are as excited as we are about this programme, which is being produced successfully all over the world.”

The announcement was followed by a statement from the actress herself, which said: “I am very happy to accept the challenge issued by the CIS to present the movie Traitors. It will be a new experience for me, but above all, I am happy to be back with the Portuguese public.”

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Fans filled out the star’s comments section with appreciation and shared their excitement to see her on the upcoming reality TV show.

User @ivana_d147 wrote: “Congratulations Danie, I am so proud of you. I wish you all the best in this new project and in all that lies ahead.”

And @filisray echoed another, “Daniella I hope everything you do in the future is successful and that you have the wonderful life you deserve. Thank you for all the wonderful years you gave us with Kensi. [love heart emoji]. »

Another fan added: “Congratulations and I wish Daniela huge success. »

The next series is due to air in the spring and is a spin-off of the original Dutch series, Traitors.

Other channels have adapted the series, such as the BBC, with Claudia Winklemann hosting the series, as well as the American season broadcast on Peacock.

This reality competition sees a group of contestants take on the ultimate trick-or-treating game to win a huge cash prize of around £100,000.

22 strangers are tasked with finding out who among them are the traitors before they are “killed” one by one.

The exciting career announcement comes shortly after CBS revealed that NCIS: LA will be coming to a close after the final episode of Season 14, which airs in May.

Narwah recently broke his silence about the cancellation and told ET, “I’m not sad it’s over. I think the show has had a long, amazing journey, we’ve told extraordinary stories, and the characters have grown and matured on the show in front of everyone. It’s bittersweet.”

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“Like, it’s time to move on creatively, but it would be so hard not to be with this family of people, because they’re amazing.”

The Season 14 finale will air on CBS May 14 in the US, and will serve as the final episode of the drama as well as Daniela’s last outing as Kinsey.

Season 14 airs on Sky Max at 10pm and is currently broadcasting in the United Kingdom.

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