Google announces new Gemini updates

Google announces new Gemini updates

Internet giant Google has announced a new mobile usage for Gemini and Gemini Advanced through an app on Android and in the Google app on iOS.

Canadians can now download the Gemini app or sign up for Google Assistant and be able to access it from the app or wherever they normally activate Google Assistant.

On Apple's mobile iOS platform – version 16 or later – Gemini will be accessible directly from the Google app in the coming weeks. Simply press the Gemini button and chat with the conversational AI to spark your creativity, get help writing social messages, and even schedule date night right from the app to follow examples from Google.

More information about configurations here.

From the picture, ask Gemini how to improve the taste of your dish ————-


Google announces new Gemini updates

…with added ingredients—————-


On Chrome browser

It is also possible to access Gemini in the Chrome browser on your desktop computer. All you have to do is type @gemini followed by your request into Chrome's address bar, and a window with the address will pop up It will open immediately with a response to your request.

Naturally, the Google AI bot can be accessed on any browser by typing the address

By extensions

Google is also expanding access to extensions in all languages ​​and countries currently supported by Gemini, including French. With the extensions, Canadians can now access real-time information from Google apps and services like Gmail, Docs, YouTube and Maps.

Google announces new Gemini updates

…recipe for preparing it —————-


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