Instagram converts all your posted videos to Reels

Instagram is once again copying its rival TikTok, and it automatically converts all videos posted to Reels. Changing an imposed form does not only make people happy…

The battle rages between Instagram And TikTok! Both American and Chinese social networks are looking to attract new users. It turns out that tik tok It is very popular with young people. Meta group that owns Instagram, FB And WhatsApp, she decided, then, to take inspiration – very strongly – from her competition, even if it meant unabashedly copying her ideas.

The shape of the reels imposed on the users

As revealed by advisor Matt Navarra in a tweet, Instagram is currently testing the ability to convert all videos, including old ones, into short, sexy videos. Users will not have a choice in their form, and this decision is very divisive. On the other hand, Reels offers people with a public account new tools to create more creative videos, such as adding filters and access to a large music library. Some of the functions are very practical, such as Sound Sync, an option that allows you to sync clips and songs automatically, or Remix, which allows you to reuse another video yourself. Two lovable features… which Instagram borrowed from TikTok.

The Reels format also gives content creators more visibility since they have their own tab, which only streams this type of video. Thus, the content of the publications will be more accessible, and therefore their audience will be much larger. This news will delight some, especially influencers or people who promote their products on the platform. On the other hand, users who aspire to peace of mind and who want their content to be visible only to a limited number of people, may not appreciate their inability to control their audience, and thus turn to using a private account – whose content is only visible to the people they follow.

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dead I’m really starting to get used to copying on TikTok. Remember that the Reels format itself is inspired by the principle of short videos of the Chinese social network. Instagram has a recent Increase the duration of his reels In order to compete with TikTok, who did the same. Along the same lines, Facebook, which has lost its momentum for some time, is considering a new strategy to win back the audience, By developing a discovery engine To highlight content in video format…by reducing the visibility of friends in favor of influencers. Let’s hope Instagram, like Facebook, will come up with really original ideas to stand out in this social media war…

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