Uber drivers can no longer give ratings to passengers

Uber drivers can no longer give ratings to passengers

Finally, VTCs (Vehicle Transport with Driver) have been incorporated into the law in Portugal, with very specific rules. A new law called the “Uber Law” went into effect on November 1, it was reported on Monday Nomirama.

It authorizes and regulates the activity of professional trade centers in the country, much to the dismay of taxi companies, which they accuse of “unfair competition.” The law prohibits drivers from rating their passengers.

Degree, punishment or reward

They still reserve the right to refuse a passenger whose behavior they consider dangerous. Passengers have the right and even the obligation to rate their driver. Portugal has become the only country to ban the classification of passengers by driver.

The rating system is essential in Uber. The company, which is present in 65 countries, uses it to punish or reward its drivers. If their rating drops below 4 out of 5, Uber can unilaterally and without warning decide to deactivate their account, putting them out of work in a second.

Conversely, a good grade can pay off hugely. In the United States, Uber introduced a program at the beginning of November that rewards drivers who receive a rating higher than 4.85/5 after 3,000 trips. Good students get discounts at some gas stations and garages, and even a scholarship for online college courses.

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