Annie Ernault, 48 Hours in Italy with the Nobel Prize for Literature

It’s a funny experience that accompanies Annie Erno on a trip. Even on the outside, there is always a moment when someone comes close to expressing something like: “Excuse me, you look a lot like Annie Erno… If I can get a book in fifteen minutes, can you sign it for me?” Always a moment, even in a very quiet trattoria in Bologna, two ladies drop an excellent mortadella to come and tell the La Place clerk their feelings to see it At their favorite restaurant.. And even in the evening, when Annie Erno returned from Piazza Maggiore, where we had a drink while looking at Pasolini’s serious, beautiful face plastered in the town hall, there was a young Portuguese standing in front of his hotel. He signed five of his books. “I couldn’t say no”she whispered, as if trusting both a little guilty pleasure and a sense of awe at times at the staggering fervor with which she is the subject.

This enthusiasm is not new. Annie Ernault did not wait The first French winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature To arouse extraordinary enthusiasm. A long time has passed when, in a small grocery store run by her parents in Yvitot, a young Norman woman born in 1940 Frantically reading “Nausea” by Sartreand immersed himself in Camus’ “The Rebellious Man”, dreaming of writing in turn for one day, “revenge of his race”.

Today, his business is rich

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