Cristiano Ronaldo faces Spanish media pressure

Cristiano Ronaldo faces Spanish media pressure

Cristiano Ronaldo, who was given a triumphant reception on Monday evening at the Santiago Bernabeu, may have difficulty resisting the pressure of the Spanish media, despite his stated desire to live a “quiet” life and win trophies with Real Madrid.

“I will watch TV at home, in peace, with my feet on the table,” the most expensive player in history responded during his first press conference to pressing questions about his ability to face demands and temptations.

This assertion was met with some skepticism on Tuesday by the Spanish media, given the Portuguese's flamboyant and arrogant personality, and the “madness” surrounding the arrival of the handsome, rich and famous 24-year-old in Madrid. – One.

“We have a world-class footballer and the front page of Vogue,” wrote the daily El Mundo, noting that Ronaldo did not hate nightlife and celebrated his move to Real Madrid in Hollywood with Paris Hilton, “the muse of stupidity.”

In a country where “heart” journalism and “popular” TV shows are institutions, the Portuguese risks being constantly hounded, whether by cameras or Madrid's beauties, which worries his club.

“Non-sporting media worry me,” admitted Real Madrid's general manager, Argentine Jorge Valdano, who denied, however, that he had recommended Ronaldo to quickly find a Spanish fiancée and live a simple life with her.

According to sports daily AS, Real Madrid has put in place an important security system around the Portuguese star to protect him from “overly enthusiastic fans” and the celebrity press, who have mobilized “the best photographers” to follow him step by step. .

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He will leave this weekend to attend a ten-day training session in Ireland with Real Madrid, which should ease the pressure, but only momentarily, around the player being showered with millions.

He was transferred for a record fee of €93 million to Real Madrid, and his annual net income must be more than €20 million, between his salary and his advertising or sponsorship contracts.

This is enough to feed the imaginations of the public who wonder who his next “fiancée” will be and where this millionaire will live. We are talking about a 1,500 square meter apartment with swimming pool at the top of a private building in Madrid.

The contrast is stark with Brazilian Kaká, another new star at Real Madrid, who does not drink, never goes out and lives wisely with his family, while following the principles of the Evangelical Church of which he is a member.

Ronaldo confirmed, without further details, that “there is a time to work and another to enjoy” life, which indicates that he will not spend all his evenings in front of the small screen.

He realized that in Madrid he would be exposed, on and off the pitch, to greater “pressure” than in Manchester, where the fans and media were not choir boys. The “Hungarian” challenge he says he is ready to face.

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