“Share the science”: a science project, a group adventure between schoolchildren, high school students and students from the Grenoble region | echo

“Share the science”: a science project, a group adventure between schoolchildren, high school students and students from the Grenoble region |  echo

SHARING SCIENCE is a ‘school science community’ between schoolchildren and middle school students from the Gérard Philippe Priority Education Network (Fontaine-Vercors), secondary school students from the École Europole-Cité Internationale, and students from the Ecole d’ Phelma-INP Engineer.

“Sharing Science” is the first-year project chosen by a group of 7 students this year 2021-2022, which allows them to develop teaching and management skills (two seminars will be organized for children).

It is also a form of collective citizen commitment to share their passion for engineering with a school audience that may be far from it, to create a collective in addressing the climate and societal challenges facing us, to allow school children to imagine themselves in careers related to science and technology when they are adults…

Students of the 2022-2023 edition testify:

“Sharing the flag”, what is it?

Organized by Grenoble INP – Phelma, UGA since 2017, this first-year educational project aims to connect teachers, primary school pupils and students with the aim of an educational collaboration spanning approximately seven months. Principle ? Engineering students, who are divided into pairs over several classes and schools, must accompany teachers and students in the exploration of a scientific subject. This year, no less than 7 students: Adrien, Maëlle, Flavie, Aurélie, Nils, Mathieu and Alexandra decide to take part in this enriching and unconventional adventure.

science project…

From October, each pair was asked to select a science topic to explore with the teacher. To have fun science while they wake up to the scientific approach. The diversity of the proposed projects did not fail to whet the already remarkable scientific appetite: electricity, pollution, telecommunications, music…

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…but above all human!

The idea of ​​participation included in the title of the project is not unimportant: pedagogy, common action and communication are fertile ground for this adventure. For students, knowing how to adapt their words, communicate with students about their feelings, and understand the quality of imparting knowledge by assessing the degree of class comprehension are all skills acquired in this field. For schoolchildren, it was about having the symbols of science communication: in addition to scientific rigor, knowing how to present their findings in a clear and synthetic way to their peers in order to transmit and discuss them as well.

Organizing 2 conferences!

During the two scientific colloquiums organized on May 12 at Gerrard Philip College and on May 19 at Vilma, budding scientists had the opportunity to go on stage in front of their classmates, teachers, parents of students and academy inspectors to present the implemented projects. Throughout the year. In the program: “Telegraph” and “Small and Large Ecology”. but that is not all ! Filma School students also organized a science show entitled “The Adventure of the Pyramids” and “Crypto Messages”. And the afternoon ended with a hilarious little Porsche: “Kladney holograms, smog, magic wand, telegraph machine, Laplace rails, monopole motor.”

Video of the 2022 conference at the Phelma-INP School of Engineering

Video Symposium 2022 at the College Gérard Philippe de Fontaine

Original article on the Phelma INP School website

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