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The first film produced by the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority “Khorfakkan”, Won major prizes at Istanbul and Brussels festivals. In the first case as the best drama film, and in the second case as the best historical film.

The film is based on a book with the same title written by Sultan Muhammad Al Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, who attended several photo sessions to advise and supervise the authenticity of the historical events depicted. in the movie. The Irish film was co-directed by Maurice Sweeney and British director Ben Moll. Which moved more than 300 artists and additional, among them many Arab and Emirati artists.

For this first production of the Sharjah Audiovisual Authority, the focus was on the beaches, farms and mountains of the old city of Khorfakkan. Thanks to the extensive exploratory work of Irish Director of Photography Richard Kendrick, The sets have been carefully chosen to be as close as possible to those in the 16th century, where the events take place.

The resistance of the inhabitants of Khorfakkan to the Portuguese naval invasion of 1507, led by General Afonso de Albuquerque, was especially bloody.. The story continues 27 years later when commander Jorge de Castro launched a new attack on the city on February 13, 1534. The siege of the city by Portuguese sailors ultimately failed due to the fierce resistance of the besieged city dwellers.

Khorfakkan - UAE

Like an epic movie The story is at the same time a documentary film about the political and social situation in the region at that timethe way of life of its people, and of course the many acts of heroism and indomitable spirit they showed in the face of the Portuguese invaders.

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Among the cast is Syrian actor Rashid Assaf as General Alonso de Albuquerque. Well-known Syrian actors include Qais Sheikh Najib, Mansour Al-Faili, Abdullah bin Haider, Abdul Rahman Al-Mulla, Muhammad Juma and Qasim Mallho. Emirati actors Ahmed Al Jasmi, Mohammed Al Ameri and Habib Ghuloom appear for the first time.

Khorfakkan - UAE

The film has now won awards in Turkey and Belgium, in addition to the three awards it won last June at the Athvikvaroni International Film Festival (India). Best Asian Film, Best Documentary, Best Director.

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