This roguelike game features a 33-player co-op experience for brutal raids

This roguelike game features a 33-player co-op experience for brutal raids

Here’s one great surprise in this great wave of summer video game ads. Thunder Lotus, the studio behind Thumbs Up (heartbreaking) spiritfirer He returns with an adventure more original than ever. After emotes in singles or duos, it’s time to fight in multiplayer. This is not a fighting game, but a rogue like no other. If the studio also succumbs to the prescription imposed by many competitors in recent years, 33 Immortals is a new UFO in this recurring and often imitated genre.

there where Hades He and his consort offer a solo adventure against waves of more powerful monsters, and the youngest of them in Thunder Lotus intends to change the symbols. In a dark and strange world, the player will not have to fight alone. The mini caped figure that acts as the hero will be accompanied by 32 other teammates. It won’t be easy for these damned souls because the 33 participants always have powerful enemies to contend with. MMORPG fans will find their account here as the title takes inspiration from the famous raid battles.

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Raids are definitely the most satisfying part of massively multiplayer gaming, but they do require a lot of commitment. You first have to access the content of the end game or expansion, and undergo extensive training with other players. 33 Immortals It hopes to break down these barriers to deliver the fun and adrenaline rush of raids in a fast and efficient way. Matchmaking is responsible for bringing together players who just have to rush through hordes of enemies.

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Obviously, players will have to cooperate to reach the end of the levels. In fact, any death is final and the survivors will only last until the final boss. It is therefore necessary to ensure the survival of the greatest number in order to defeat the greatest threats for sure. Between each run, players will be able to improve their abilities just like every self-respecting roguelike. However, it is hoped that the algorithm that groups players will also rely on these stats in order to avoid too large differences in levels.

This concept has the merit of tickling our curiosity, but it will also play with our patience. In reality, 33 Immortals It does not have a release date yet. However, the studio has announced that Early Access will be published in 2024. This version will be available Via the Epic Games Store or Game Pass from Microsoft. PlayStation, Switch, and Steam players will need to turn to those platforms to enjoy the 33-player co-op adventure.

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