Vocalys Peace Concert

Vocalys Peace Concert

After a long eclipse, the Vocalys band will perform The pace of life on February 24 in the Franciscan Church, which is now the shrine of Good Father Frederick.

The Vocalys, under the direction of its founder Raymond Perrin, will be accompanied by soprano Peggy Belanger and the chamber orchestra for this occasion.

On the occasion, works will be presented calling for an end to the conflicts that plague our time, including: The fruit of silence On a text by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. This work for choir and string orchestra was written by Petris Vaskes, a composer from Latvia, a country on the edge of the Russian-Ukrainian front.

This ceremony is also scheduled to be on the same day as the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of


The main piece of the ceremony, mass for the living, Written by American composer Dan Forrest. “It is a poignant observation of the need of all human beings for the peace that great composers have hitherto reserved for the deceased to emerge in their Requiems. With Dan Forrest, the text of the Requiem highlights the need for immediate peace to avoid causing the destruction of our world. However, the work is imbued with light and positive energy as well as To doubt in the face of looming threats to the future of the planet.

The vocal ensemble will complete this program with works by Mendelssohn, Hawes, Ticelli and Jenkins.

The party will start at 7:30 pm.

Tickets are on sale in advance for $25 ($12 for students) at the J.-Antonio-Thompson Room box office or by calling 819 380-9797. Tickets will also be sold at the door on the day of the concert for $30. (Miba)

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