There are over 700,000 possible designs in Mario Kart 8, and science has identified the best ones

There are over 700,000 possible designs in Mario Kart 8, and science has identified the best ones

You may have your own favorite group Mario Kart 8But science has determined which choice is statistically better.

There are a huge variety of combos in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. As it turns out, there are precisely 703,560 possible ways to mix and match characters, carts, wheels, and the like, a number so large that it would probably take a pretty good chunk of your life to get through them all. The meta for Mario Kart 8 has changed over the years, and it has seen a slight change thanks to the update that came along with the DLC tracks that were added to the game. Now, as spotted Eurogamerdata scientist Antoine Meyerowitz discovered what it is The best possible combination You can choose to help you get that number one spot.

Immediately, Meyerowitz narrowed the combinations down to just 25,704 options, many of which were mere copies of each other. Of course, there are different designs you might want depending on whether you prefer speed or acceleration. To find out which is better, Meyerowitz used the method popularized by economist Vilfredo Pareto. This method shows that Bowser and Wario are the fastest, but Baby Peach has the best acceleration, with Cat Peach about in the middle of both. However, there are also the buggies themselves, along with the option of wheels and a glider, that you should also consider.

The design favored by a lot of top players actually features the regular Peach, Teddy Buggy Kart, Tire Spinner, and Cloud Glider, and as it turns out this is by far the best combination when it comes to improving speed, acceleration, and go-karts. Turbocharged. Mayerowitz's website lets you customize which attributes you want to prioritize as well, as does stats like handling and weight, letting you see the best possible options across three different types of stats.

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So, if you don't want to be the best ever, but you want to have the best option with a playing style you feel comfortable with, you can use the site to find out! Or you can make the right choice of choosing Shy Guy every time.

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