App Store developers are angry about Apple's new policy

App Store developers are angry about Apple's new policy

Apple has had to change its policy regarding in-app purchases in the App Store. But the developers accuse the Apple brand of bad faith.

During the face-to-face trial between Epic and Apple, the US justice system rejected both parties' requests, and Cupertino was forced to amend its policy by allowing developers to offer alternative payment methods within the app.

Yes, but here's the thing: Apple will still get a significant portion of the revenue from these purchases. As shown the edge, where it used to charge 30% for purchases on the App Store, and with these alternative payment methods, the Apple brand will no longer charge “only” 27% on transactions for large developers. For smaller developers, the rate will drop to 12%, from 15%. You will understand that, in fact, nothing changes.

Epic Games has already indicated that the company will appeal this decision in court. But this is not the only developer who has complained publicly, since Spotify has the same opinion, and it is not the only one at all.

Currently, Apple is being monitored by antitrust authorities in quite a few countries and states, whether in the USA, Europe, or even Korea. In most of these cases, the App Store is at the center of the controversy…

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