Osteoporosis: Eight out of ten women are not treated after their first fracture

Osteoporosis: Eight out of ten women are not treated after their first fracture

Eight out of ten women are not treated for osteoporosis after their first fracture caused by the disease, according to a Frisbee study conducted by Brugmann University Hospital and reported by Le Soir on Thursday.

Osteoporosis, called the “silent thief,” causes no symptoms as long as the bones do not break.

However, the epidemiological study coordinated by Professor Jean-Jacques Budde, an internist and endocrinologist, shows that 80% of women who suffer a primary fragility fracture, caused by osteoporosis, do not receive specific treatment. “The first fragility fracture, a major warning sign, often goes completely under the radar,” Mr. Boddy points out. because of ? Lack of information and awareness, both among patients and front-line doctors, about the disease, he says Recent report de Sciensano disease affects between 13 and 22% of women (1.8 – 6.6% of men) but remains little known and neglected.

The study thus developed a more reliable prediction tool for fracture risk in women over the age of 60 by testing the usefulness of more risk factors. “Among these fractures are age, bone mass, low body mass index, other chronic diseases, or even early menopause. Then there are also previous fractures that pose a high risk as in about half of the cases they will be followed by fractures, a second osteoporotic fracture, etc. that.

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