CF Montreal: A Bernier Night

Patrice Bernier’s evening will be at Stade Saputo where tonight we will celebrate his induction into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

The opponent will be the New England Revolution which is another decision that comes in minute detail under the management of Gabriel Gervais.

“It’s special because my last game was against this team and I think that’s the team I scored the most goals against. [4]”I remembered Bernier this morning.

“Out of 18 seasons, I spent nine with Montreal Impact. I gained experience before leaving and then returned to the club on my debut.

Needless to say, he would be happy to live in the moment with those who applauded him for six seasons before hanging up his boots in the fall of 2017.

“I will be happy to try this with the fans. I will be able to connect with everyone at this time. It is always good to know that you are letting something out.

Give up hockey

Bernier enjoyed a very enviable career which took him to Norway, Germany and Denmark before returning to his homeland when he entered the club MLS in 2012.

“We always say to dream,” Bernier said. Being from Montreal and Quebec, where I had the opportunity to play hockey, I was told I was a bit crazy when I quit hockey because there are so many avenues in the sport.

It must be said that the native Broussard was rather talented, having played two seasons in the Major Junior Hockey League in Quebec, dressed in the colors of Forres de Val d’Or and Faucons de Sherbrooke from 1996 to 1998. He amassed 73 points in 143 regular games. Not too bad for a defender.

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At the time, it was really strange to give up hockey in favor of football, a sport with few outlets at the time.

“So you were playing in Montreal Impact and then where did you go? I can say that I have the opportunity to live my dream, to play 18 seasons, to play for the national team, against Brazil or Portugal.


Captain of The Impact in his last four campaigns, Bernier has been a true role model for his youngest teammates, including Samuel Piette, who dreams of following in his footsteps.

“I would like to be that person. He is the eternal captain of the club and he has done so much for football in Quebec. Certainly later, at the end of my career, I want my name to be next to that of Mauro [Biello]Patrice and the football greats of Quebec.”

If Piette speaks in this way about his former teammate, it is because Bernier quickly absorbed his role upon his return to the Club of Hearts after more than a decade of absence.

“After returning to the club, I realized that I was not only a player, but also a spokesperson because I was the only Quebecer in the team.”


We’ve known for months that Bernier was the next to become an eternal Canadian footballer. There was a party in Vancouver at the beginning of the summer.

Today the main interested party returned to the circumstances in which he learned the news.

“I was on a Zoom meeting with colleagues from a company I partner with. My dad was there too, he is an accountant and my guys wanted to meet him.”

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“I noticed there were several of us in the meeting, and it seemed like Samuel Peet and Mauro Bello were telling me I was going to be inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame,” he said.

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