The first reviews on the sci-fi series and the multiverse are here

The first reviews on the sci-fi series and the multiverse are here

First reviews of the Apple TV+ sci-fi series, dark matter, Arrived and looks good.

After Alex Garland, it was Blake Crouch's turn to move from the world of books to the world of audio-visual media. The American novelist was actually interested in adapting the series for one of his works. Dark matter. It tells the story of a physicist who is kidnapped and sent to a parallel world where another version of his life takes place. From which he will have to escape.

It is expected to arrive soon on Apple TV+. Dark matter So it was written and created by Blake Crouch, with Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly and Alice Braga in the cast. Indeed, the first notices have been issued from the American press about this exciting science fiction film. Read in the press.

Successful adaptation of dark matter?

“There's nothing wrong with Crouch's story: it's an absolutely beautiful, creepy sci-fi story that, despite the complexities of parallel worlds, boils down to a love story. The final two episodes really lift the series, with Joel Edgerton at his best and a chilling twist that introduces some truly thrilling danger.” In the story. Radio Times

“It's an exciting and thoughtful film, structured like a thriller, but it's not afraid to challenge the audience at times. It has a knack for asking the right questions about the themes it wants to explore and is more interested in resolving them than providing easy answers. It embraces its medium to explore its themes, and treats its actors as if they were the greatest Its own effect. screenrant

“If I make it to Marvel, I'll be a disaster!”

Dark Matter is the best Apple TV+ sci-fi series of 2024 (so far), but it's also one of the most satisfying new series overall, because it perfectly balances a complex concept with emotional stakes that feel very real. » reflects

“Despite a slight slowdown — and a sharp left turn in the second half of the series that almost completely upends our expectations — Dark Matter is an engaging, accessible, multi-dimensional thriller. One that won't give you a headache. » empire

Dark Matter: Photography by Joel EdgertonDark Matter: Photography by Joel Edgerton“What's in the box?”

“Although the series' additions (compared to the book) may often seem like distractions from the more interesting parts of the story, there are still many themes at the heart of the plot. As you go down the rabbit hole, the performances throughout ensure Spheres Dark Matter is not lost in its own chaos. Collider

“Aside from the scientific lessons and some deceptively profound silliness about the path not taken, it's a twisty, exhilarating thriller with enough shocks to keep us hooked.” Financial Times

Dark Matter: Photography by Joel Edgerton and Jennifer ConnellyDark Matter: Photography by Joel Edgerton and Jennifer ConnellyHello Mrs. Connelly!

Critics seem generally satisfied with Dark matterPraising its characters and the performance of its actors (Joel Edgerton in the lead). The action aspect of the series is one of its main strengths, while the sci-fi aspect, although sometimes lost in intricacies and technical details, remains interesting and understandable. Dark matter It also plays on many scientific questions and topics, Giving the work something deep, real and striking.

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The series will premiere on Apple TV+ with the first two episodes on May 8, 2024, and will stream until June 26 (the release date of the ninth and final episode).

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