“The issue of authenticity is important to me.”

“The issue of authenticity is important to me.”

Every day, a character invites themselves into the world of Élodie Suigo. Today’s journalist and comedian David Castillo-Lopez. He is now on stage with his program “Authentique” and will pass through Bordeaux, Grenoble or the Olympia in Paris.

David Castillo Lopez Journalist and comedian. Pushed to the front of the stage, this admirable observer of the little things of everyday life has recently been on stage to meet the audience’s ever-increasing demand. The former detective in the show The Butterfly Effect Canal +, former head of the video service at worldthe former collaborator of The Gravy. His videos, and humorous press quilts, made him particularly famous for the theme song: “I have money’, taken up on TikTok at the end of 2020 whose excerpt has been listened to over 100 million times by following, which is quite extraordinary.

He is currently on stage with his show A native Where he dissects our little things that hit the house every single time because, in the end, we’re all involved.

franceinfo: with your offer A nativeWe’re laughing, but I get the impression that headline says a lot about who you are.

David Castillo Lopez: Anyway, what I think is that this issue of authenticity was important to me. I think I’m a little lucid when I’m not being honest and I’ve learned, when I say something, to ask myself: Wait, are you really saying that thing because you want to convey information to the person in front of you, or are you giving off a good image of yourself when you say it?

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We’re not going to lie to each other, this show is your story. It tells the story of your French-Portuguese family. Was it important to honor them?

Yes. There is this part of me that is not a trivial part of Portugal. It’s not far, I’m half Portuguese. Of course, I’m a little more French because I was born in France, but I speak the language, I have nationalities, and that, of course, is very important. Hence it is my father in particular, who died more than ten years ago, who was central to my life, but who did not see me become a fulfilling adult. And here we are, always wanting him to think we’re doing this a little bit for him, to show him off, even if he’s not really there anymore.

Your father is behind you and I get the impression that he is first and foremost the link to the worldview you have. He was a very important humanist photographer in Portugal.

My father, Gerard, who did human photography in Portugal, never thought that the attention of the person in front of him was because of him. So strive to be interesting, to be playful, and to be worthy of this person’s attention.

David Castillo Lopez

at franceinfo

I had it at 56. My dad was very sympathetic and I think that’s something that affected me greatly and that makes me very attentive on stage. So even the way I express myself probably comes from him.

So your name is Castillo Lopez. At school you were called:Fat Castillo“Exactly the fact of using humor, does it help overcome past wounds, childhood wounds?

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in full. The simple fact of phrasing it and foremost saying it to a lot of people at the same time on stage, it’s neat. It shows that we’ve made a little bit of peace with her, even if it’s not entirely true, but it feels so much fun. Really, we’re better then. Not necessarily why he did it, but in the process of doing it, I said to myself: There you go, and a bunch of bastards who called me “Fat David Castillo,” what is he now?

There were studies in history with a master’s degree and finally journalism. Then there was the video that revolutionized it all, and that will propel you to the front of the stage. Song, I have money, taken up on TikTok by the new generation. There is a before and after. How did you try it?

To put it in context, I have money It’s a 15-second song and it’s combined into another video where I explain an economic principle called the positional commodity principle. It was 15 seconds of a five-minute video, so it’s really a detail, an important detail maybe, but a detail nonetheless. And suddenly this video was captured, out of context, and put on TikTok. Not by me and exploded. And actually, to a whole section of people who know me, the only thing I am is the weird little guy who cracks jokes by saying “I’ve got money” and dances a little bit like idiots… so positive it’s only good, but it’s a little weird to live on anyway.

Finally, you come close to death through the death of your father. It’s a very difficult moment. We get the impression that it is also an outstretched hand to say to him: “I’m gone, but for me you’re stillWhat do you think of the passage of time?

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Ever since I was a kid…we’ve all been terrified of the passing of time, but it seemed to me that maybe I was a little more than the others. Since I was six years old. When I turned six, I remember the moment I realized that, in fact, I would never be four and that time would only go one way. And I had a panic attack, but I still remember it so perfectly at that age. Since then, I have been terrified, but daily.

Mourning important people, rather for my parents, is a thing… there, it’s hard. These are things that have remained very strong for me and that I think about every single day of my life, so obviously talking about them on stage was important to me.

David Castillo Lopez

at franceinfo

It will be presented on September 21 in Pacé, on September 22 in Nantes, on September 23 in Tours, on September 28 in Nancy and then Bordeaux, Le Vésinet, Grenoble and so on. and on June 6, 2024 in Olympia. The special Olympia though, there will be your name written in red on the front.

I would say like: yeah, but that’s not the important thing! Well, if it’s actually really a lot of fun, it’s vanity pleasure here.

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