Google Messages will soon let you edit your messages after you send them

Google Messages will soon let you edit your messages after you send them

Google Messages should soon welcome a very practical function that will allow you to edit the message after sending it, as is the case in other messaging services. Enough to avoid typos and other misunderstandings!

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Google Messages has established itself as one of the leading SMS, MMS and RCS applications. For this reason, the web giant had the good idea to constantly strive to bring it closer to popular instant messaging services, such as WhatsApp or Signal. Thus, messages can be enriched with links, emojis, photos and videos of high quality, input indicators appear when the correspondent types, and group chats are possible.

Google recently announced a whole bunch of new functionality (emoji animations, reactions, screen effects, emojis, profile creation, etc.) with a touch of AI, in order to stay up to date. Edge directions (see our article). Clearly, the web giant does not intend to stop there! com.TheSpAndroid Searched the APK file for the latest beta version of Google Messages and found several lines of code related to the message editing feature. It remains to be seen how this functionality, which is very practical, will be implemented in the application.

Google Messages: Messages will be released soon

Digging into the demo app’s code, SpAndroid discovered four “tags” related to the UI for editing messages, loading modification history, and handling incoming and outgoing modifications. So far, enabling these flags doesn’t seem to have any effect, but it still reveals that Google is working on this issue. Please note that these functions are not yet published, even in beta: they are still under development. It seems somewhat logical that the Mountain View company is working on editing messages, as many instant messengers, starting with WhatsApp and iMessage, offer this option. Here are all the lines of code discovered by TheSpandroid:

  • bugle.enable_edit_ui : To activate the message editing interface
  • bugle.load _edit_history : Download message modification log
  • bugle.process_outgoing_edits: Displays the changes made to the message
  • bugle.process_incoming_edits: Process changes at the recipient
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It now remains to be seen what form this edition of the letters will take. In iMessage, users have two minutes to edit a message, compared to fifteen minutes for WhatsApp. Applications generally notify reporters when a message is modified. Note that TheSpandroid found code indicating that Message Editing will work with the RCS protocol, which is the main middleware for Google’s app. This underscores the growing trend of instant messaging taking inspiration from each other in order to provide more flexible and adaptable communications. Since message editing is still under construction, don’t expect to see the functionality arriving in the coming weeks. You will have to be patient!

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