The IDF says Israel is preparing a ground maneuver in Gaza but nothing has been decided

The IDF says Israel is preparing a ground maneuver in Gaza but nothing has been decided

The Israeli army is preparing to conduct a ground exercise in the Gaza Strip, but nothing has been decided yet, a military spokesman announced Thursday, on the sixth day of the war that broke out due to unprecedented Hamas attacks against Israel.

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“It could be by air, it could be jointly by sea and air. “We are waiting to see what our political leaders will ultimately decide on the ground (but) that has not been decided yet,” Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht said during an online press conference.

“Right now, we are focusing on their senior leadership, not just the military leadership, but also government officials up to (Yahya) Sinwar (Hamas leader in Gaza, editor’s note). These are directly involved in the deadly attack that took place,” said Lt. Col. Richard Hecht. On Saturday, which shocked Israel and much beyond with its brutality.

He added that the army’s goal is to “liquidate” the government of the Islamic Hamas movement, which has held power in the Gaza Strip since 2007.

The army deployed tens of thousands of its soldiers on the border with the Palestinian Strip, while the bombing continued targeting Hamas’ infrastructure, its leaders, and its operations centers, according to the army.

The air strikes were launched in response to a surprise air, land and sea attack by Hamas fighters on Saturday that killed more than 1,200 people in Israel.

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So far, Hamas has fired more than 5,000 rockets at Israel, according to the army. Bombings carried out by the Israeli army left at least 1,354 people dead in the Gaza Strip, according to the latest report issued by Hamas authorities.

“We are preparing for the next phases of the war, and are developing multiple operational contingency plans,” Mr. Hecht added.

In a separate press conference, the army’s chief spokesman, Daniel Hajary, confirmed the army’s goals against the Islamists.

“We are crushing Hamas’ ability to function as a sovereign state. It is no longer truly able to govern Gaza in certain areas,” he said.

On Thursday, Israel and Hamas exchanged fire again, as Agence France-Presse journalists witnessed several air strikes targeting two Palestinian refugee camps in the Gaza Strip. “Anyone who approaches the fence (which separates Israel from Gaza, editor’s note) will be killed,” Mr. Hajari said.

Israel also imposed a “total siege” on the Palestinian territories, cutting off electricity, water and fuel in Gaza.

The Israeli Ministry of Energy, Israel Katz, said that his son had not paid to auto-register to enter necessary pre-owned products or to use human resources to gain that the Hamas did not publish the same people’s income. The Zionist entity. Hamas has taken about 150 Israelis, foreigners and dual citizens hostage, according to the Israeli government.

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