Street Fighter 6: Introducing new fighters

A new fighter is revealed as another comeback. These two characters who have been added to the Street Fighter 6 roster, are entitled to a new trailer.

(Image credit: Capcom)

Street Fighter 6, set for release in 2023, reveals two more of these fighters during a presentation at EVO 2022. A new trailer announces the arrival of Kimberly and the return of Juri.

Gauri’s character first appeared in Street Fighter 4, and has also been described as a sadistic student of thrills. Kimberly is a new character coming to Street Fighter 6. She is described as a brave ninja.

You can see the two new characters in action thanks to a short trailer that Capcom revealed and posted on the Street Fighter Twitter account last night.

Two characters with a completely different concept

Kimberly’s visual concept is very colorful and extravagant. She has blue braids at the end, a bright red jacket, and a small yellow bow over her head. She also appears to have a graffiti concept, illustrated by her spray paint cans and street art-like effects when she makes certain attacks.

On the other hand, the visual concept of gori is more mystical, with shades of pink, violet and black. His motorcycle and the smoke that surrounds him give him an air of mysterious mystery. They are also amusingly reminiscent of cats playing with their prey.

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Street Fighter 6

Kimberly’s attacks seem to be mostly quick hits and air kicks (also very fast). Gauri attacks her opponents with devastating hurricane strikes.

The development of Street Fighter 6 was officially announced during State of play in June 2022. The trailer then confirmed several characters including Ryu, Luke, Chun-Li, Jamie, and Guile. The game is due in 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and PC.

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