Vesper Chronicles The Summer Indie Sci-Fi Movie: Review & Trailer

Vesper Chronicles The Summer Indie Sci-Fi Movie: Review & Trailer

By Julie M. Posted on Jul 21, 2022 12:55 PM

Vesper Chronicles, Christina Buzet and Bruno Samper’s sci-fi drama starring Rafaella Chapman, Eddie Marsan, Rosie McEwen, and Richard Brick, hits cinemas July 17, 2022. Are you ready to dive into a hostile and barren futuristic world? This way to discover the trailer we saw in the movie.

after, after Vanishing waves in 2013 Christina Bosette And the Bruno Samper They’re back this summer with a second feature titled Vesper Records Which takes place in a dark futuristic world depleted in natural resources. movie features Rafaella Chapman (Miss Peregrine and the curious childrenAnd the His Dark Matter: At the Crossroads of Worlds), Eddie Marsan (Ray DonovanAnd the vice), Rosie McQueen (alien) And the Richard Brick (The Mandalorian) to be discovered in cinemas as of July 17, 2022.


In the future, ecosystems collapsed. Among the survivors, a few distinguished people take refuge in castles cut off from the world, while others try to survive in a nature that has become hostile to man. Visper lives with her father in the woods, and dreams of having another future, thanks to her talents as a biological hacker, so precious in this world where nothing is left to grow. On the day when a ship crashes from castles with a mysterious passenger on board, she tells herself that fate is finally knocking on her door…



Vesper Records leads us to Unusual fantasy worldinhabited unknown creatures as captivating as dangerous. The plot takes place in the fairly near future where the seeds are no longer fertile and nothing grows. Humans are finding it increasingly difficult to restore themselves. While a privileged group lives in the castle, the others have to make use of what little they have in order to survive.

you would understand that, Vesper Records It takes us to a sterile, cruel, cold and dangerous world where “every man for himself” is necessary. The heroines struggle, but in the end they have little hope of getting out of it. It’s a rather scary movie in which the ambient music constantly brings dramatic intensity. There are, fortunately, some images that will make you smile, like the head of a robot floating in the air of Vesper’s father or an encounter with some wonderful animal or plant species to counterbalance the darkness of the universe.

Anyway, welcome to the program technical ingenuity To have succeeded in creating and projecting such a universe from scratch, in an independent film moreover, as well as representing actresses who completely immerse themselves in their role, all sparkling through theatrical acting, a play of light and a palette of colors that favors the immersion of the spectator.

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